Luigi Giannitelli  

VP, CEO, Board member


Mr Luigi Giannitelli is Vice President, CEO and a Board Member.

With over 25 years of experience in managing companies in diverse industries, in 2007 he founded Chemical Newtech, with the vision to establish a global footprint and become a world leader in the Titanium anode coating business.

He strives to achieve perfection and inspires his team with a global view and a local flavour. 

Daniele Beltrami 

President, Chairman of the Board, Production Director

Mr Daniele Beltrami has run a number of companies in various industries over the years, always enjoying being close to his team providing support, know how and invaluable direct hands-on experience. Mr Beltrami oversees production and is the Chairman of the Board. 


Paolo Rossi 

Technical Director, Board member

Mr Paolo Rossi brings a wealth of 40+ years of experience in the electrolysis business having worked for world leading companies throughout most of his career. He joined CNT in 2009 and has since been the main engine behind our coating technology. He runs our laboratory, oversees our R&D efforts with the University of Milan, and supports our team with his knowledge.

As part of our Board he helps define our Industry strategy.