Giovanni De Gennaro: Senior, now without fear toward the World Championship

Young and determined, no longer just a hope. Giovanni De Gennaro is one of the most beautiful reality of the Italian Canoe and he will compete in Bratislava in K1 together with Daniele Molmenti and Omar Raiba.
“From Junior Category to Senior there’s a big difference. I admit that I was a bit afraid when I did this “jump”. The separation from my peers scared me but I was also conscious that it was an inevitable passage. At the recent meeting in London, with the presence of Roberto Colazingari, Clara Giai Pron and Marco Babuin, the passage has been less difficult than expected, thanks to them and obviously to the Seniors who welcome us very well. Now I’m concentrated on this World Championship; it’s an important step and I’m ready to give my best.”
Anyway a dynamic year for Giovanni De Gennaro, who even had to deal with the school leaving examination.
“I used to think that my priority would have been the school this year, due to the final examination. But when I won the selection all changed and I even went less to school. Nevertheless I passed my examination with good result and now I have more confidence in myself. In view of the Worldwide Championship I’m training well and the test event in London was a good confirmation. Now I’m concentrated on Bratislava, Monday I’ll leave, conscious to be stronger in front of this crucial appointment. During the meeting in London our group has grown and we created a good feeling between us. I believe it will be much important to remain concentrated and calm. When I am at the start, I’ll try to do my race with my target well fixed in my mind”.