About us

Operating in the field of electrolytic catalysis, we manufacture insoluble electrodes coated with specific noble metals oxides (MMO in short). We aim to manufacture the highest quality anodes, and we invest continuously in research, production improvement and customer service to achieve and maintain the highest standards.
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Our History

We started developing and testing catalytic coating technology in 2007, in a small part of the building we currently operate in. Over the years, we expanded to occupy the entire building as our sales grew slowly but steadily, from the impressed current cathodic protection industry segment, to surface finishing, to chlor alkali electrode regeneration, to water treatment and more recently for cathodes in green hydrogen alkaline electrolysers.

In 2018 we invested in implementing a growth plan based on operation excellence, innovation and competence. Our staff increased as a consequence in all departments, as we invested in new equipment and skill sets.

In 2021, as our business was growing fast, we started looking into understanding better our impact on the environment and how we could mitigate it as much as possible. This brought us to achieving the ISO 14001 certification along with our first ESG assessment in 2022, a second one in 2023 and an independent energy audit in 2024, which allowed us to confirm that the first KPIs we had identified were correct.

In 2022 we had our biggest year in revenue yet, with results that have been recognised by industry and general media as one of the top performing SMEs in Italy.

Our next horizon is to consolidate our stance in the industry and work towards market and competence expansion. 

Over the years we have established a profitable collaboration with researchers from various Universities.
We continue to continue invest in research and development and look forward to opportunities to work with institutions and the academy to improve our technologies.