The Board of Directors of Chemical Newtech is committed to providing fairness, transparency, accountability in its operations as well as manage risks and be a responsible corporate citizen towards its internal and external stakeholders. The Code of Ethics is an integral component of our governance.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We uphold honesty, fairness, and transparency in all our actions and decisions.
  • Accountability: We take ownership of our responsibilities and deliver on our commitments to stakeholders.
  • Respect: We foster a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion, valuing the contributions of every team and individual.
  • Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, continuously seeking improvement and innovation.


Governance Structure

  • Board of Directors: Our Board provides strategic guidance and oversight, ensuring our actions are aligned with our mission, vision, and long-term goals. The Board plays a pivotal role in shaping our strategic direction and safeguarding the interests of our stakeholders.
  • Leadership: Our Leadership team is responsible for the day-to-day management and execution of our business operations. With expertise and a commitment to our values, they drive organizational performance and foster a culture of excellence across the company.


Policies and Procedures

  • Code of Ethics: Our Code of Ethics outlines the ethical standards and principles that govern our conduct as employees, directors, and partners of Chemical Newtech SpA. It serves as a guide for maintaining integrity, respecting diversity, and promoting a positive work environment.
  • Compliance Framework: We adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards, maintaining a comprehensive compliance framework to mitigate risks and uphold legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Risk Management: We employ a proactive approach to risk management, identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks across our operations. Our risk management framework helps us to anticipate challenges, seize opportunities, and safeguard our reputation and assets.


Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders in a meaningful and transparent manner, fostering trust, collaboration, and mutual respect. Through regular communication, feedback mechanisms, and stakeholder consultations, we strive to understand and address the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.


Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to continuous improvement in our governance practices, reviewing and refining our policies, procedures, and structures to adapt to changing business environments and emerging best practices. By embracing a culture of learning and innovation, we ensure that our governance framework remains robust, agile, and responsive to evolving challenges and opportunities.

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