What We Do

Operating in the field of electrolytic catalysis, we manufacture insoluble electrodes coated with specific noble metals oxides (MMO in short).

We aim to manufacture the highest quality anodes, and we invest continuously in research, production improvement and customer service to achieve and maintain the highest standards.

Our History

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Over the years we have established a profitable collaboration with researchers from various Universities

Board of Directors

Mr Luigi Giannitelli is CEO and president of the board.

With over 25 years of experience in managing companies in diverse industries, in 2007 he founded Chemical Newtech, with the vision to establish a global footprint and become a world leader in the titanium anode coating business.

Mr Daniele Beltrami has run a number of companies in various industries over the years, always enjoying being close to his team providing support, know how and invaluable direct hands-on experience.

Mr Beltrami oversees production.

Mr Paolo Rossi brings a wealth of 40+ years of experience in the electrolysis business having worked for world leading companies throughout most of his career.

He joined CNT in 2009 and has since been the main engine behind our coating technology. He runs our laboratory, oversees our R&D efforts, and supports our team with his knowledge.

Mr Gianluca Lange has extensive international management experience in the high tech sector.

Gianluca runs all the innovation programs within the organization, defines company strategy, oversees marketing and ensures compliance and continuously facilitates development of the entire team to drive performance and maintain the highest standards.

Joined the board officially in 2019.


The Board of Directors of Chemical Newtech is committed to providing fairness, transparency, accountability in its operations as well as manage risks and be a responsible corporate citizen towards its internal and external stakeholders.The Code of Ethics is an integral component of our governance that safeguards our internal and external stakeholders.


Chemical Newtech provides employees, collaborators, suppliers, and, in general, third parties connected to Chemical Newtech and its subsidiaries the opportunity to report actual or potential breaches, in a work-related context of the Code of Ethics, internal policies, laws, and regulations, based on precise and consistent facts of which the reporting person has become aware.
Chemical Newtech undertakes to protect against any kind of harassment, retaliation, or discrimination against those who have made a report in good faith. Chemical Newtech Spa has adopted an internal system for reporting violations which aimes to safeguard the identity of the whistlblower and protect her/him from retaliatory conduct resulting from the report, in line with the legislation issued on whistleblowing at European level and national (most recently Legislative Decree n. 24 March 15th 2023, which implements Directive (EU) 2019/1937 into italian law.
The reporting system is formalised in a Procedure, which can be consulted on this page.
Pursuant to the procedure, we have established our own dedicated channels managed by autonomous and independent struvtures, through which it is possible to report behaviours, acts or omissions of which the whistleblower has become aware in the work context and which believes may constitute a violation of the rules governing the activity carried out by the company.

All whistleblowers are expected to use a specific IT platform, available at the link below, suitable for guaranteeing the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower.

Quality Assurance

All manufacturing is conducted and documented by highly trained and experienced staff according to strict guidelines. The outstanding quality of our products is matched by our extensive knowledge of high-strength metals and alloys for electrochemical applications.

We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2010 and ISO 14001 since 2022.

Quality Policy