Chemical Newtech S.p.a Code of Ethics

L.D. 231/2001

Legislative Decree no. 231, dated 8 June 2001, introduced into the Italian system the administrative liability of Companies for certain offences perpetrated, in their own interest or for their own benefit, by their directors, employees and/or representatives in general, together with the related monetary and prohibitive sanctions to be imposed upon the Companies themselves. However, the Decree provides that Companies may be exempted from such liability should they be able to prove that they have:

  • adopted and effectively implemented an Organisational and Management Model, which is capable of reasonably preventing those offences set out in the Decree;
  • entrusted to a Supervisory Committee, vested with autonomous powers of initiative and control, the task of supervising the functioning of and compliance with the Model and ensuring that it is updated.

The “231 Model” is part of a broader corporate governance policy, which is careful to comply with the ethical principles of corporate management, introduced with the adoption of the Code of Ethics of Chemical Newtech SpA.

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