Andrea Cesari Jr for the 2013 racing season will be a pilot marked Goldspeed, as regards providing tires, clothing, stand and quad’s accessories. The signature on the contract, which took place last week in the Netherlands directly at the European headquarters company led by Theo Schuurman, comes after a series of contacts developed during the Quadcross of the Nations in OSS, where Goldspeed has its operational headquarter.

The agreement is of fundamental importance for several reasons: above all, technical and motivational. The technical aspect obviously regards the quality of the product “Goldspeed”, renowned throughout the world as the excellence for the performance of the cross tires for quads, chosen by the majority of the top drivers of all Europe.

“For me and for the team & Tity Amarenas KTM Farioli it’s a great achievement: Goldspeed selects the two best drivers for each country, therefore to be part of this family is for me a great sign of esteem.” These are the first words of Andrea after returning from Holland, where the driver from Brescia took the opportunity to test the condition of his wrist, damaged in Esanatoglia during the last race of the 2012 Italian Championship, and to do training on the typical sandy soils of Northern Europe.

If well begun is half done, year 2013 starts for Andrea certainly on the right foot, thanks to an agreement that gives confidence and bodes well for the competitive season which will start in the coming months.