Chemical Newtech S.p.a Code of Ethics

L.D. 231/2001 Legislative Decree no. 231, dated 8 June 2001, introduced into the Italian system the administrative liability of Companies for certain offences perpetrated, in their own interest or for their own benefit, by their directors, employees and/or representatives in general, together with the related monetary and prohibitive sanctions to be imposed upon the Companies […]


Andrea Cesari Jr for the 2013 racing season will be a pilot marked Goldspeed, as regards providing tires, clothing, stand and quad’s accessories. The signature on the contract, which took place last week in the Netherlands directly at the European headquarters company led by Theo Schuurman, comes after a series of contacts developed during the […]

HISEO Discrete Anodes

To align with the frequent request of the market, we have created a new line of products related to Discrete Anodes for Cathodic Protection of rebars in concrete for the existing structures.

Giovanni De Gennaro: Senior, now without fear toward the World Championship

Young and determined, no longer just a hope. Giovanni De Gennaro is one of the most beautiful reality of the Italian Canoe and he will compete in Bratislava in K1 together with Daniele Molmenti and Omar Raiba.“From Junior Category to Senior there’s a big difference. I admit that I was a bit afraid when I […]

Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete: Selecting Anode Type and Size

The dream of indefinitely durable reinforced concrete structures fell apart half way through the last century, when it became obvious that severe exposure conditions could yield serious structural issues. In most cases, the deterioration mechanism involves the corrosion of the steel reinforcement bars due either to chlorides penetration through the cementitious matrix, or to concrete […]